Who we are and what we do

Since 1904, we manufacture chart paper for mesurement instruments. Through the close cooperation with different OEMs, our own machinery design and construction department, we could constantly adapt to new technologies, client needs and trends.
Our company today is formed of the three Swiss manufacturers of technical recording papers ?Gebr. Willenegger, Zürich?, ?Technogramme SA, Neuchâtel? and ?Diagramma, Urdorf?.

Development of Diagramma
In 1927, Oskar Treyer founded a company for designing and producing mecanical precision machines and tool components. Oskar was known as a pioneer in this field. The company has ever been family owned.
Trough continual research and development activities, Diagramma has manufactured several machines for production, as a matter of fact the fastest fully automated roll winding machine. Our customers highly appreciate our ability to fullfill all clients needs. We are only capable to do this because of this unique production know-how.

Our more than 100 years old tradition to produce high quality recording papers stands for our dedication and passion to serve you in the future.


Medical recording Papers
In the Thirties, the first medical recording papers were manufactured. The development began with ink-recorders. After ink-recorders, special papers, such as electrosensitive papers came into use. Early in the Fifties, high speed medical recording on paper became possible through the newly developed black paper base with a white thermosensitive wax cover.

This technology was constantly improved until the Seventies, when the first thermoreactive papers from the USA were introduced in Europe. Next to analog recording, alpha numeric recording was now possible. The recorded data is clearly to read, easy to record and at low cost.

Our products: - ?Quality made in Switzerland?
Our customers are mainly OEM and General Agents all around the world. Our Products are responsible for monitoring of a production process or the supervision of patients in a hospital.

We are aware of those important tasks and recomands from us high quality and precise functionality in order to have exact recordings for expert analyses.

The combination of our experienced team, our internal education program, our customized machineries and the use of best possible quality of raw material makes a well known brand in the market: