1904 - 2004 | 100 years of recording papers

1904 Gebr. Willenegger founded their company in Zurich for manufacturing of recording papers and monitoring recorders
1927 Oskar Treyer founded a fine mechanical shop. Design and construction of high amp (soundsystem), morse key, airplane parts
1930 Foundation of Diagramma, Urdorf, competitor to Gebr. Willenegger. Enlargement of the production plant
1939 The take-over of Diagramma, Urdorf, for which we constructed and built new machines for production
1940 Foundation of Technogramme SA, Neuchâtel, Manufaturer of recording papers
1944 Acquisition of Gebr. Willenegger, Zuerich, Enlargement of the production plant
1974 Acquisition of Technogramme SA, Neuchâtel
1977 Change of legalentity to incorporate (inc.) Edwin Treyer, son of Oskar Treyer enters into the management of Diagramma Dietikon AG
1981 Enlargement of the building, connecting to the backyardstreet and relocating of the plant in Neuchâtel to Dietikon
1997 Certification ISO 9001 according
2002 Pascal Treyer, son of Edwin Treyer enters into the management of Diagramma Dietikon AG
2004 Celebration year: 100 years recording papers
2005 Recertification ISO 9001:2000 according
2007 Certification ISO 13485:2003 according

Brothers Willenegger start up a lithograph for format papers

Printing machine for diagramma rolls with aniline print, rotogravure, letterpress printing

Oskar Treyer constructs a letterpress cylinder